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Acu-Life Lice Comb, 2 (Acu Life Comb)

Acu-Life Lice Comb, 2 Count

Two combs for complete removal of lice, nits and eggs. Includes Short-Pin Comb for lice and eggs; designed for easy access to the hair roots where lice and eggs are located. Includes Long-Pin Comb for...

ASIN: B002RSOK86 Brand: Acu-Life UPC: 881971273965


Acu-Life Lice Comb, 1.0 (Acu Life Comb)

Acu-Life Lice Comb, 1.0 Ounce

This Lice Comb is a safe and effective way to completely remove lice and their eggs. It comes with 5x magnifier glass for easy finding of lice and eggs. These combs have been used by school nurses for...

ASIN: B000SOJTP0 Brand: Acu-Life UPC: 079573009192


Acu-Life Terminitor Metal Lice (Acu Life Comb)

Acu-Life Terminitor Metal Lice Comb

The Terminitor metal lice comb completely removes lice and their eggs. Stainless steel teeth with a sturdy plastic handle for safe and effective removal or lice and nits. Lice comb can be reused and c...

ASIN: B008BUNFNU Brand: Acu-Life UPC: 783327129042


Acu-Life Lighted Lice Comb, 3.3 (Acu Life Comb)

Acu-Life Lighted Lice Comb, 3.3 Ounce

The lighted lice comb is a safe and effective way to remove lice and their eggs. Includes 2 interchangeable metal combs for all hair types. Comes with rotating inspection light and magnifier to easily...

ASIN: B0106M2YX2 Color: Blue Brand: Acu-Life UPC: 079573109168


Acu-Life Terminator Lice (Acu Life Comb)

Acu-Life Terminator Lice Comb

Acu-Life lice comb with sturdy stainless steel pin teeth. Tested 100% effective at removing lice and nits. Acu-Life is a world leader for innovative self-care products. For over 35 years Acu-Life has ...

ASIN: B001V9AJRI Brand: Acu-Life UPC: 079573104910


Health Enterprises Lice Comb (Acu Life Comb)

Health Enterprises Lice Comb Kit

Acu-Life's most complete Terminator Lice Comb Kit. Matching the lice comb to a child's hair type makes it easier to comb out nits. Our Ultimate Lice Comb Kit has a short pin comb for curly, thick or s...

ASIN: B000GCSW3E Brand: Health Enterprises UPC: 079573104507


AcuLife Metal Lice Comb with Free Magnifier by (Acu Life Comb)

AcuLife Metal Lice Comb with Free Magnifier by Acu-Life

Used by School Nurses;Can be fully sterilized in boiling water;Sturdy design;100% Effective at removing lice & eggs;Includes free magnifying glass

ASIN: B01N2169KI Brand: Acu-Life UPC: 749447176212


DSS Acu-life All Metal Lice (Acu Life Comb)

DSS Acu-life All Metal Lice Comb

ACU-LIFE's exclusive design has been used by School Nurses for over 40 years.

ASIN: B00GLQCD9S Brand: Health Enterprises

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